Justice, Unity, & Social Transformation

About us

JUST was born in 2020 from a shared desire for community, empowerment, equity, and justice. By engaging with the community directly we have the ability to make a direct impact. Through mutual aid we are able to provide solidarity not charity: because unity is transformative. JUST is an official 501(c)3 non-profit and as such all donations made go directly to the community and are tax deductible.

Our mission

The necessity for the establishment of JUST is determined by the systemic oppression affecting every facet of our society. With each and every social and societal injustice, both new and old, advocacy and action are an immediate necessity.

The vocation of JUST is determined by an ingrained sense of civic duty to uplift, enrich, and provide assurance for marginalized communities.

We believe in unifying our neighborhoods through education and policy. We believe in the collective inclusion that results from racial equity. We seek to reach for racial and socioeconomic equity by dismantling the foundation of systemic racism upon which our systems are built; we aim to rebuild said systems with racial equity at the forefront. We believe that the empowerment of youth is the responsibility of every member of society; through mentorship and providing opportunities, we can empower the next generation to be altruistic leaders.  We believe this development of visionaries and communities serves to create a safer and more supportive future with the efforts of positive growth.

We believe in the action needed to dismantle the systemic oppression affecting every facet of our society. Through these actions we can overcome the ever-present social and societal injustices.

We believe in Justice, Unity, and Social Transformation.


The just crew

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Pictured are various photos of the JUST team, alongside our friends, family, other organizations, and volunteers. We are stronger together!

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Events Held
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Group Collaborations

Our Community Services

Hot Meals

Every other week since September of 2020, JUST has served a hot meal to the Hilltop area of Columbus.

Fresh Clothes

At the biweekly serves, JUST also provides new/gently-used clothes to those in need (with the aid of Caring Veg Community).

Healthy Hygiene

JUST also provides hygiene products such as toothbrushes, fem. care, shampoo, vitamins (with the aid of HIMS).

Books/Learning Materials

JUST also makes sure education is a priority. We provide books and learning materials at every serve.